E-HAUS, LLC/ Culver City, CA

E-HAUS, LLC is a vibrant young company filled with unique and artistic individuals. This space is filled with many original forms, and utilizes materials such as metal, glass, plastic and laminates.
An elliptical, translucent cone-shaped office space, engineered with metal frame and wrapped in 6 mil twin wall lexan [plastic sheeting]. A square, tapered pyramid-shaped meeting room, constructed with wood post and wrapped in and out with clear douglas fir planks. Work station partition of metal flange framing with white laminate panels and maple countertops. Storage areas of red laminate European style cabinetry, with a glass display area. A library is a built from maple veneer and includes a custom metal sliding ladder. The Entry creates a sense of Wonderland, which draws one into the conference room. The space was built out within 4 to 5 months and all finishes and treatments are very clean and contemporary. This space is alive and fun to be in.

Architect: Trevor Abramson Architects